My experience with Evans Hallshaw Renault Edinburgh....

 I have owned Renault Vans for years. I bought the latest one from Evans Hallshaw Renault, 1 Bankhead Ave, Edinburgh EH11 4AA. The photo shows what I found when I received the van back after having work done. Please read on....

The Renault Master was due for its first service after one year and was booked in at Evans Hallshaw Renault.
I also reported a whistling noise which sounded like the turbo was failing. They said it need investigation and it was booked back in about a week later.
I dropped the van off again at Evans Hallshaw Renault in December 2016 and I received the van back in June 2017. In that time they had replaced the following:
1) One Turbo.
2) The intercooler.
3) The Exhaust manifold.
4) Lots of pipes and hoses.
5) The other turbo.
6) The complete exhaust system.

They then said the whistling noise had gone but the brakes had now seized on as the van had sat for six months. This meant they had to replace:
1) Front discs.
2) Front pads.
3) Rear discs.
4) Rear pads.

They then said that the brakes were now ok but the van had now developed a crunching into gear on the test drive. This meant they had to replace:
1) The entire gearbox.

All of the above was billed to Renault UK who I really think should be asking some questions. 
I went in to the branch of Evans Hallshaw on various occasions to pick up parts/tools from my van and the van was often in a different place in the workshop. Sometimes on ramps, sometimes on the ground. I have no idea how the front and back brakes seized on when the van was being moved.
I also wonder how the gearbox failed whilst the van was sitting in a workshop full of "Master Technicians". The gearbox was perfect when I drove the van into Evans Hallshaw.

The van has around 26k miles on it.

Whilst the van was in with them for six months I had virtually no communication from them. I always had to chase them up. 
Renault kept me on the road in a Renault Trafic hire van during this time.

During the six months I was without my own van I wrote a negative review on Trust Pilot for Evans Hallshaw.

When I finally received my van back after six months wait I was relieved. After about ten days though the van started to smell. The smell became worse and worse.
The smell then became unbearable. 
It was at this point I found a dead bird as pictured below placed on the air intake for the cab area. Only someone who knows about vans would know that this was the air intake.
For legal reasons I have to state that I cannot say for definite that Evans Hallshaw put it under the bonnet. I will say though that It was not me and it could not physically squeeze into the space of its own accord.

Evans Hallshaw have already written to me threatening legal action if I say that they put the dead bird under the bonnet on the air intake. For that reason I will say that maybe it found its way in without any involvement from Evans Hallshaw Renault.
Maybe it was like a scene from an old Disney movie, the bird tweeting a lovely song to the mechanic working on the van. Then maybe the bird went to sleep, tired after singing for so long and the mechanic never noticed it as he put the bonnet down trapping the bird in place - maybe?
Maybe I put it there, maybe I wanted to know how bad a decaying bird would smell - maybe?

I know what I think.